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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maritime News-November

Earliest recorded fish hook excavated at the Jerimalai Cave site in East Timor. Evidence that prehistoric man  was deep-sea fishing 42,000 BP.

Divers in 'gigantic' 17th-century warship find
17th century shipwreck found off the Swedish coast believed to be the warship Svardet

Excellent video on the Ghost Wreck in the Baltic Sea, a different wreck than the Svardet. Both wrecks were recorded by Deep Sea Productions and MMT.

Foss Maritime Company of Seattle and the Puget sound are honored for environmental excellence. Check out information on Thea Foss founder of this company.

Ceramic pots in the Baltic Region are examined for evidence of land, sea and freshwater resources.

Droughts lower Texas lake levels, artifacts revealed, looting becoming a serious issue.

Bali Yatra Festival in Odisha (Orissa), India brings tourists from all over the world to experience maritime culture and commerce.

Excavation will begin to dig up a ship buried in Koombana Bay. Generic image
Two possible shipwrecks found in magnetometer survey to be excavated in Bunbury, Western Australia. Flinders University students work closely with WA Maritime Museum.

Cannon unveiling at St. Augustine, Lighthouse Archaeology Maritime Program (click here for video)

St. Augustine Maritime Heritage Foundation breaks ground for construction of replica 16th century ships and port.

West Wight's Sunken Secrets published-apps for finding wrecks while diving the Isle of Wight


Heritage Lottery Fund grants 1.4 million pounds to the Royal Museum of the Navy in Portsmouth, UK to create exhibits showcasing naval history of the last one hundred years.

Province of Nova Scotia funding design study for Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenberg, Canada.

Australian National Maritime Museum reintroduced entry fee

Maritime Feast at the Custom House Maritime Museum in Newburyport, Massachusetts with traditional dishes of early French and Yankee Settlers.


Condition of artifacts from the Erie Belle shipwreck stored at the Walker House Museum in Ontario, Canada. Artifacts donated by local diver.


Planning for redevelopment of Bay City port, Michigan. Timeline of all the key planning and design studies that go into port preservation and development. Check it out-very unique news presentation!

Odisha, India. Maritime Archaeologists uncover the rich maritime heritage of the Odisha coast.

"Reef chief recommends port rethink", lol, that title was too awesome to change!

Archaeologists recording coastal heritage in Dalma Island, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.


Özkan Gülkaynak, the sea traveling ‘Crazy Turk' publishing his adventures-On the East Side of the Route to Freedom.

Peter Blanker's novel "When Rats Eat the Fat" is launched at Shetland Museum and Archives, the story is based on a shipwreck in 1653 near Yell, Amsterdam.

Marine Art exhibit-the 15th National Exhibition of the American Society of Maritime Artists at Old School Square, Delray Beach, Florida.

"Moby!" a four month program in New Bedford, Massachusetts celebrating Herman Melville's Moby Dick.


2012 Classic Boat Calendar on sale now

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