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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Maritime News-December

Six Bronze Age logboats discovered during excavation in Cambridgeshire, UK. Textiles, eating utensils and a variety of other artifacts, all discovered in "pristine condition"

Five shipwrecks found in Stockholm, Sweden. The wrecks date from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. A wreck from the 17th century with plank sewn technology was discovered last year within this same area. 

Archaic Port discovered off the coast of Turkey between Urla Limantepe and Urla Port. The project was organized by Ankara University Underwater Research and Application Center.
Maritime Heritage at the U.S. Merchant's Marine Academy (King'sPoint, New York) is undergoing significant change with the loss of the training ship, King's Pointer.

Debate about the exhibition of artifacts from the Belitung Shipwreck-a dhow found near Indonesia. Smithsonian's Sackler Gallery formed a committee and discussed these concerns December 8th and 9th

Occupy Bellingham protesters evicted from Maritime Heritage Park

Maritime Heritage and a three story Maritime Discovery Centre the focus of revitalization for Brockville, Ontario in the next year. The Centre will focus on the maritime history of the St. Lawrence River

Tall ships experiencing financial difficulties. Masts, booms and spars to be replace on the Schooner Virginia while the Spirit of South Carolina is currently for sale to relieve debts

Shipwreck Graveyard discovered beneath a parking lot in Sunbury, Western Australia

Interview with Dr. Susan Langley

Walter B. Allen wreck in Lake Michigan added to the National Register of Historic Places

Inside the Sharjah Maritime Museum of the United Arab Emirates

Virtual Reconstruction of the Pepper Wreck by Texas A & M University

Kennewick prepared to launch from Port Townsend, Washington

Sri Lanka Maritime Archaeology Unit recovering artifacts from wreck near Chilaw Coast

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