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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Red Bull Flugtag Tampa 2011 - Maritime, um, Culture

I attended Red Bull Flugtag yesterday and it was crazy fun!!! It took place at the Tampa Convention Center. People packed onto the Tampa Convention Center steps and boats packed the water. The crowds were intense at the beginning, but more and more people made their way inside to watch in the comfort of A/C and the big screen.

The whole concept is to create something that can fly but the results are almost always something that can fall. Really well. The crashing is, without question, the best part. Participants literally run and push their contraption off the Red Bull ramp into a body of water. Yesterday, the body of water was Tampa Bay and the crashing was spectacular! Maritime Culture? Perhaps not so cultured but SO entertaining!

My favorite team was The Second Basemen, who created a large pink flying bra. Teammates wore pink bras over their life jackets. The bra was propelled to the edge and then take-off! Vertically. Down. The pilot abandoned bra and sprung forward in a beautiful half jackknife dive (graceful, but didn't straighten out). His teammates made the leap as well and bras were flying through the air!

The Second Baseman Flying Bra! 

A few of the vessels actually took flight for a whopping ten yards, but a lot didn't make it that far. All of them made it off the platform (with and without mishap). About half of them stayed up right during flight/fall and a lot of them did spectacular spins and falls. Mario Brothers mushroom vessel spun like a top before hitting the water!

Mario Brothers

Overall, I would say that Red Bull Flugtag was . . . inspiring! But not in the good way. More in the Jackass movie way. The "wouldn't this be the best idea ever? We would totally win!" comments were a dime a dozen. Some ideas were pretty unique-hopefully they remember them when they're sober ;)

Gods of Rock

Harry Potter Flight of the Dementors

Oktoberfest Flying Stein

College Hunks Hauling Junk (pretty predictable pre-flight chatter)

I shot video of two or three that I thought would actually fly. And . . .  not so much :)

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