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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flooding in Southeast Asia

Image: An aerial view of a flooded temple at Wat Chaiwatthanaram

Throughout August, September and October, heavy rains have pounded Southeast Asia. The resulting floods covered two-thirds of Thailand and over 100 temples were inundated (news link). This includes several World Heritage sites that are now underwater sites.

October 7, 2011

I was going to wait a couple of weeks for the water to go down and and then post about the problems of conserving these sites, but it has become apparent that water levels are rising and flooding continues. It has been two and a half weeks and now I just want to raise awareness of what's happening to these people as their homes and their land are still being flooded. Today, people are fleeing Bangkok as the flood barriers are no longer holding (news link). The Thai people are used to flooding but this year is the worst in 50 years and conditions may continue to deteriorate as water creeps us the land.

October 25, 2011

People are making boats out of anything that floats. People are swimming. Some aren't making it. There have been over 800 deaths since July and many of these were kids (news link). This slow flooding isn't receiving the same attention as other natural disasters, although the numbers of causalities is comparable. Thailand has refused offers of assistance and seem to want to handle the flooding autonomously (news link).

The business world has many concerns about production and the economic affects of the flooding, some are even offering assistance to various enterprises. Meanwhile, local government officials offer assurance that the airports will continue to operate, just as they promised that the flood barriers would protect Bangkok. It may take weeks for the water to recede and months to recover from the flooding.

To end on a lighthearted note, at least the dogs are safe :)

Image: Dogs evacuated in inner tube

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