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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maritime News-August

Pacific Voyagers make a stop in Mailbu to visit Chumash Indians. A meeting of traditional boat craft and descendents of indigenous people.

The new ferry Kennewick will be launched in the Puget Sound. The Kennewick will highlight the long maritime tradition of the Columbia River while transporting people through Puget Sound waters.

Artifacts eroding into the Fraser River: The position of the amateur archaeologist and collector.

NOAA and MOP divers record WWII wrecks off the south shore of Maui.


Excavation continues in Akko, a port town in Israel dating to the twelth and thirteenth centuries. The site became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

Dock and harbor repairs in Manitowac, Wisconsin should draw shipping and bolster economy.

Call for preservation of Asine, a seaside fortress, near Nafplio, Greece.

A port in Oman hopes to boost economy through focus on maritime heritage.

A church foundation with relics from Saint John the Baptist excavated at St. Ivan Island in Bulgaria. An earlier foundation found during excavation may be related to port activities.


Shipwrecks at Thunder Bay fast becoming a diving Mecca. (Love the pics and comments, Gandulla!)

"In Our Wake: Maine's Maritime Heritage on Film" debuts August 19. The film covers a wide range of water activities in Maine during the twentieth century.

Tilghman Watermen's Museum is creating a sequel documentary to "Growing up on Tilghman: Voices and Images of Tilghman's Island, Maryland."

Medieval Cog replica visits Kalmar County Museum (a post from one of my favorite blogs).


Original Queen Mary steamer for sale.

"Buy a piece of maritime heritage" - the historic steam ship Manxman will be dismembered after attempts to save her failed.


Our regrets to the sea-going paddle steamer Waverly in England.

Irene cancels maritime festival in Massachussets, but this does not dampen the new era of preservation at Maritime Gloucester in the slightest. Welcome to new schooner Ardelle!

Levee breaks, marsh and delta deterioration on the Mississippi River fuels criticism of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Submerged resources survey on St. Croix Islands, "Bone Island", in Maine. Inadvertent burial discovery frequent over the years from the east side of the island.

Ancient Alaskan burial discovered through GPR survey.

Burial sites discovered along the River Murray in Southern Australia.

Daniel Soderberg
Bone battle coninues between University of California San Diego and the Kumeyaay Indians. Burials originally eroded from La Jolla cliffs in 1976.

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